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Monday, September 04, 2006

Why? Singapore Overcrowded Already..

Singapore already very crowded liao. Still talk about recruiting foreign talents and promoting birth rates. We don't have enough private "space" for ourselves and even our cars. By the way I dun own a car to let the govt tax me further...

Everything about cost increasing at a rate like hell and our salary still stuck at our 5-10 years before. Talk about retrenchment and contract somemore..


Blogger Inspired said...

I agree. The garment while allowing the influx should ensure you have the sufficient space and facilities to accomodate them and us. This is for all of us to stay and work comfortably and with some privacy. I use my house as an example, I stay in bukit panjang (BP) but didn't notice it's features until I stay in there! I can say bukit panjang is one of the most packed estate in S'pore! Come to BP, look around and you will find urself surrounded by flats! It's like you are drowned with those flats! Go up the highest floor in one and look across. You can't see the horizon at all! Let's go back to my own house, to change my clothes safely, I have to do it in the washroom. In the living room, masterbedroom, guestroom, kitchen vitually everywhere I can see others in their house and they can see me too! I'm afraid I would be charged with indecent act If I change in the masterbedroom with the curtains not securely closed and someone somehow saw me changing! Even in my washroom, I have to close the window as I can see others with my windows open! I want more space!!! more privacy!!!

September 09, 2006


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